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Grace Ministries

Grace on 3rd is a setting for spiritual renewal and much, much more.

The Ministry Center is home to four different language and cultural ministries that include worship, study, and fellowship for our local and international communities. These ministries connect our congregation from down the street to across the country to around the world.

The Community Center is a setting for collaboration with and for the community.

Among our partnering agencies are children's tutoring programs, youth athletics, adult martial arts, yoga & meditation classes, 12-steps programs, jazz music, young adult mentoring, design arts, support for our houseless neighbors, social & economic justice, and whatever groups will be responding to our community's needs tomorrow.

Being the Church Movement, Long Beach

Together with the United Methodist churches in Los Altos, California-Heights, and Belmont Heights, Grace on 3rd (near downtown), connects to the community in even more ways.

These include: raising money for the Youth Services of The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, providing meals for families with Habitat for Humanity, community art projects, social justice projects, adult education, children's summer & winter camps, mid-week dinner church, connecting monthly with our elected leaders, supporting LA Voice & Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE), monthly community service projects, and yoga in the parks.

Join us:

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