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The dust of the roads which was more that a foot deep never stopped Rev. M.H. Plumb or his bicycle.  He invited everyone to the little unpainted California shack that was called a library. It was situated on the south side of Third Street, ½ block west of Cherry Avenue.

1903-2018 - A bunch of things happened during this time. They will be included here at a later time.

Grace UMC Long Beach Reconciling Statement (adopted July 7, 2018):  We come together from different backgrounds to celebrate God's love for the world while still working to make our community a better place.  As we do so, we explicitly welcome and honor our community's diverse sexual orientation; gender identity; race and ethnic background, age, faith history, marital status; socioeconomic status; immigration status; physical and mental ability; and education.  We welcome the full inclusion of all people as children of God within the life and ministries of Grace United Methodist Church of Long Beach. Further, we will model reconciliation to others, so that every day, new people may come to understand the full extent of God's love and inclusion.



The first service of Alamitos Park Methodist Episcopal Church was held in the Alamitos Neighborhood Library building, November 1st, 1903. By 1904, the congregation had purchased the northeast corner of Junipero Avenue and Elliott Street (later named 3rd St.) for $1,000.

In September 1910, Long Beach absorbed Alamitos Park and renamed it Bixby Park, after the Bixby family. Alamitos Park was often confused with Alamitos Bay, so the name “Grace Methodist Episcopal Church” was chosen for this new church.

A large sanctuary was built in 1913 and the education building added in 1926. Both were damaged by the 6.4 earthquake that shook Long Beach in 1933 and they were quickly repaired. The gymnasium was added in 1951 which became home to many community sports leagues.


Arson destroyed the sanctuary on May 23, 1964 and the new round sanctuary building was ready for use in September 1966. Above the main entrance is the mosaic symbolizing the Holy Spirit landing upon the disciples at Pentecost. It is six-feet high and over 23 feet in length, and is made with over 175,000 pieces of tessera imported from Ravenna, Italy.

The Gieck Memorial Mosaic inside the sanctuary in 24-feet tall with approximately 250,000 pieces of ceramic tile. Pieces of wood from the burned sanctuary were also included as part of the cross.

The Methodist Episcopal denomination joined with the Evangelical United Brethren Church in 1968, and the church thus became Grace United Methodist Church. That same year, the 52-rank Schantz pipe organ was installed.

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